What are the aliens, where do they live, how they look, etc. The answers to these questions are still a puzzle till date. There is a claim of getting the evidence of the presence of aliens or living beings from other planets in Sirpur, Chhattisgarh. To solve these mysteries and to show in the documentary, the research team of America ‘Ancient Alien’ arrived here. The team examined Sirpur area under the leadership of senior archaeologist and Archaeological consultant Padmashree Dr. Arun Sharma.

Let us tell you that Dr. Sharma had led the excavation of Sirpur. He said that the American team had examined different parts of Sirpur from morning till evening. He stated that the mud of cooked clay (which was around 2600 years old) was found from the market area in Sirpur excavation. They can not be called typical toys. There are some of these, which are similar to the famous idols in the Western countries where the aliens were found so many times. These were made by the artists of Sirpur about 2600 years ago.

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Arun Sharma said that when the scientists of western countries came to Sirpur, they were amazed when some of the idols were shown to them.

A seen from the bank of River Narmada

Did the aliens come to the banks of Narmada?

In the history, on the basis of a sculpture found near Raisin; it was claimed that the Alien used to come out on the banks of the river Narmada. Dinosaur eggs were also claimed to be found in the Narmada Valley. There are also skeletal skyscrapers of many large species. It is believed that the Alien came to visit along the river. On the basis of rock paintings of dense forests, about 70 kilometers away from Raisen, it has been estimated that in this part of the state, aliens from other planets may have come.


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