In Anushka Sharma’s film ‘Phillauri’ there are two love stories which are being displayed at the same time in the film. On the one hand, the story of today’s youth Kanan and Anu in which Kanan love Anu, but he is nervous about marriage as it is quite often seen in today’s younger generation. The other story is the story of Roop Lal Phillauri and Shashi Phillauri, which is about 98 years ago, i.e. the year 1919. Diljeet Dosanjh is playing Roop Lal Phillauri’s character and Anushka Sharma Shashi Fillauri’s character.

In this film, Kanan is a “Manglik” boy who is married to a tree before marriage. After the wedding, this tree is cut off from where the ghost Shashi means Anushka Sharma, arrives to live with Kanan because Shashi believes that her marriage has now been done with, Kanan. Shashi may be a ghost in this movie, but this is not a horror ghost movie.

Due to the wedding with the tree, these two stories got interconnected. You have to watch the film to know what the ghost is doing in this marriage.

In ‘Phillauri,’ the wedding atmosphere of Punjabis has been shown very well. Anushka and Diljeet duets are excellent, and their acting is also great. Suraj Sharma and Mehreen Pirzada are also fit in the role of Kanan and Anu. At the same time, how people used to disrespect good singers before independence was filmed in a very accurate manner.

Anushka is playing the role of a ‘Ghost’ for the first time in her career..

In this movie, you will find many good emotional scenes. The first part of this movie is quite funny and you will find special effects exquisite.

While Talking about weaker things of the film, first of all, the speed of ‘Phillauri’ is a bit slow. As a producer Anushka Sharma has tried to do something different, its subject is also good in listening, but the way of saying a story is weak because the movie goes in flashback, its transformation is not easy.

It seems that some moments of the film are stretched long. Given the theme of ‘Phillauri,’ music and production quality, this film is received overall three stars after combining most of the reviews.


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