How often we talk about India’s achievements in cricket but we should remember that there are other sports than cricket too in this world. It’s just that in India that nobody gives these games much importance. But Freakywit supports India in every form of sports, and we are entirely unbiased towards any sports. Hence we are presenting you news which we think only few news agency would have shown.

India’s men archery team won the gold medal in the compound team event in the Asia Cup World Ranking Tournament on Sunday.

The Indian team comprising of Aman Saini, Robert Singh, and Shivans Awasthi won gold in the final match by defeating Iran from one point. Indian male team won by 231-230. In the first round both teams scored 58-58 In the second round, the Indian team, once again, managed to score 58, whereas Iran scored 56 points and thus India gained a lead of two points.

In the third round, Iran reduced the lead by scoring 57 points compared to 56 points in India. But the Indian team reached the fourth round with a lead of one point.

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In the fourth round, both teams performed tremendously and scored equal numbers of 59-59. So in this way, the Indian team managed to win by just one point margin.


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