Calcium is crucial for our body, but its excessive amount is fatal. In a research, it is found that taking more quantity of calcium tablets leads to heart attack. Brent Muhlstein, of the Intermountain Medical Center of Heart Institute in Utah, says that consuming calcium in high volume is not just about risk, it is like inviting heart disease.He further stated that the process of initiation of atherosclerosis begins with the excess amount of calcium. A rupture occurs in the blood flowed arteries, which in turn weakens the arterial walls and makes it harder.

In this situation, excess of them can become harmful to the coronary arteries.

Muhlstein said that earlier we considered lipid-laden soft plaque as the leading cause of the rupture, which is the main reason for heart attack. But based on the findings of new research, we can say that more calcium plaques can be a primary symptom of cardiac causes.

According to the findings, taking low calcium will not lead to heart attack in high cholesterol, and heart patients will not need statin therapy as well.

In order to study their effects on health, the team evaluated the coronary artery plaque with computerized tomography coronary angiography. To research, some patients of the heart were studied for about seven years.

The research report will be presented at the Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology located in Washington, DC.

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