A couple got quite a scare in Florida, United States when a cruise ship reached too close to their home which is located near the Beach. A video has appeared of a man swinging his arms in fear as the massive cruise ship comes too close to their home. This video has been shot by the wife of that man who can be listened screaming in horror. You can hear women saying “This is too close. No. Don’t cross. Get out”, said the woman.

The man and his wife have been residing in the home which is near the beach for seven years, told that they’ve never encountered anything like this.  The ship reportedly came within 100 feet of their house.

Bill posted this video on the Facebook page of the company that runs that cruise ship ‘Celebrity Equinox’. The company refused any mistakes by the ship. ‘The ship performed safely and did not put guests or squad at hazard. We can also verify the ship did not meet bottom’, said the company in reply to Bill’s post.

Here is the video:


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