Being an Indian, we like ‘sweet’ since childhood. Whether it is a HALWA, GULAB JAMUN, or even ICECREAM after family dinner. But sweets are not good for the health. By eating too much sugar, fat increases rapidly. In such a situation, if you don’t want your weight to rise and also continue eating sweets, then you must try these dishes made from Mango. These are the following dishes which you can prepare in the summer from Mangoes.

Semi-dry mango cheesecake:

Who does not like cheesecake but after indulging mango, it gets more tasty and luxurious. To stay healthy, you can make a mixture of mango fury for the sweet taste of cheesecake with the help of Almond butter, crane crackers, and natural sweetener.

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Mango & Orange Ice Lollies:

If you want to enjoy Ice Lollies at home, you need to mix Mango Juice and some Orange Pulp together for this. After this, deposit it in the freezer. In a few hours, your Ice Lollies will be ready to get served.

Mango Kulfi:

Most people are ready at any time to eat Kulfi. So if you want to eat fat-free Kulfi in this summer season, do not forget to add mangoes to it. You can mix low-fat cream milk, cardamom powder and mangoes pulp for Fat Less Kulfi.

Mango Kheer:

This dish is many people’s favorite, but it also increases their weight. If you want to taste kheer and also not to increase the weight, then you need to try Mango Kheer


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