It may surprise you for a while, but it’s true that energy drinks and packed juices are not good for a human body. According to recent research by Mayo Clinic, having even just one such shot can harm your health.

Researchers directed a study on 25 non-smokers and healthy enlistees with an average age of 29 years and received disastrous results. The question is, how evil is one drink for you?

1) Mayo Clinic conducted a placebo-controlled pilot study to test the effects of one energy drink

The enlistees were given either the power drink Rockstar or a placebo(control sample) that was a similar copy of energy drink but without caffeine and tonics.
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2) The participants were asked to restrain themselves from liquor and caffeine before the day of the study.

Throughout two days, not more than two weeks apart, volunteers took the 16-ounce energy drink (or the placebo) within 5 minutes. At the same time, researchers monitored their heart rate, blood pressure.

3) The results were shocking

Scientists saw that not only the caffeine levels in the body of members raised but even the stress hormone norepinephrine raked up to 74% as compared to 31% of the participants who took the control specimen.
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4) Here’s the harm just one energy drink can do to your body

 Norepinephrine causes increased heart rate and blood pressure. Energy drink consists of vast quantities of sugar, stimulants, and caffeine which increase blood pressure and compress the veins. Just one drink can boost the chances of heart disease even if you are completely healthy.

5) Now imagine the condition of those people who consume multiple energy drinks every day.

Dr. Anna Svatikova, the writer of the study, described: “These results imply that people should be cautious when drinking energy drinks due to possible health risks. Asking patients about energy drink consumption should become routine for physicians, particularly when interpreting vital signs in the acute setting.


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