Did you know that you can lose weight while sleeping? In a survey, it is revealed that you can reduce weight by 55% while sleeping. Today we are sharing some tips with the help of which you can not only lose weight by sleeping, but you can also improve your sleep. Let’s know what these simple tricks are.

Do not diet – If you think that dieting will reduce your weight, then you are wrong. First of all, stop dieting. Take fewer calories instead of dieting.

Eat less in the night – Close the kitchen early in the night and fix your time of going to the kitchen. If you are eating at night, then try to eat as less as possible.

Include these things in the diet – You should eat mint in the diet. You could also eat a banana, and green apple is also a good fruit to be consumed therefore you could also eat that. Take Detox Water. It will help to lose weight.

Do this in your room – Do not sleep by cooling down the room temperature. Keep gadgets away from the room, especially from the bedroom. Do not watch TV till late in the night and keep the TV off.

Do these things before sleeping: Take a hot shower bath before sleeping. Do Yoga for some time before sleeping. Breathing or meditation can also be exercised. If you have a partner, then have regular sex. It also burns calories and helps in losing weight.


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