Former Australia captain Steve Waugh praised Virat Kohli for his captaincy and said that he sees a glimpse of himself and Ricky Ponting. Steve stated that he sees some of the qualities of him and Ricky Ponting in Kohli’s captaincy, but Virat’s identity is different from both of them. He praised Kohli, who has become the target of the Australian team and the media.

Steve said to a news portal in an interview, “He(Virat) is a very aggressive leader, and his body language is always positive. He has all the attributes that I wanted to have in my team. ‘He said,’ I have always believed that your attitude is important by which you can give positive energy to each other and Virat showed this every time.

His players perform for him, which is a good sign for the captain. ‘A good leader can extract the best performance from each player even if they are not in good form. He gives them confidence, and I think Virat does the same that’s why he is so successful as a captain.

Well. no one can compare with the Australian captain ‘Ricky Ponting’. It is a very big compliment for Virat Kohli

He said that Ricky Ponting was also such a player as he used to lead from the front, and Virat also did this.

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